Mountain Fence and Deck specializes in all types of decking and decking materials. Whether you are in the market for traditional redwood, exotics like Brazilian and Tigerwood, or standard vinyl decking systems, we are ready for your next decking project. We offer cutting-edge designs and the latest products that are changing the look of the industry.

Mountain Fence and Deck has been serving the High Country for over 25 years. We have the experience and knowledge it takes to get your project done.

Your deck is a large part of your home life, and we want to help make your outdoor living space memorable!

Composite Decking

Composite decking provides a unique blend of oak and polypropylene to provide enduring strength, natural beauty, and a solid choice for your deck.

Its superior engineering and design creates a deck that lasts longer than ordinary wooden decks and with less maintenance. No staining or sealing required. All of our composite decking will not warp, crack, splinter or rot. Our deck installers can install this material with ease for the long-term benefit of your home.

All of our composite decking materials are backed by a 20-year limited warranty. Working with our decking company is a decision you can make with confidence.

All of the brands of composite decking have distinct shades to complement any architecture or color palette. Through rich coloring, which goes completely through each board, composite decking is designed to age into an attractive, natural look.

Available in either a smooth or wood grain finish, a composite deck brings years of enjoyment with low maintenance. Routine maintenance for a composite decking includes sweeping to remove loose dirt and cleaning with a commercially available deck cleaner.

  • Composite decking resists sagging, splintering, warping, insects and rotting
  • Spans farther than most other composites available today, 24″ on center
  • Covered by a 20-30 year limited warranty
  • No toxic chemicals like treated wood
  • All of our Composite decking is easy to install
  • EZ-Build concealed fasteners eliminate screw heads from deck surface
  • Available in four to eight beautiful colors, designed to age for an attractive, natural look

Wood Decking

Strength, quality, durability — need we say more? Wood decking will accent any home and last for generations to come. The natural beauty of wood decking is hard to compete with. Wood complements and accents nearly every type of architecture and will last for ages to come. Whether you are installing standard Redwood decking to Brazilian redwood, Tigerwood, Ipe and Cumaru, we offer all standard and exotic lines of woods to complete your custom decking project.

Vinyl Decking

Outdoor decking materials are not created equal. All vinyl decking systems feature a solid-core, cellular vinyl construction, containing no wood fillers that can compromise performance.

The vinyl decking systems we offer are some of the strongest and lightest decking materials available. You also get the added benefit of minimized expansion and contraction — a serious problem with other materials. A vinyl deck installation can help you enjoy the outdoors, no matter the weather!


  • Enhanced Performance – Engineered with solid-core, cellular vinyl that has no wood fillers to compromise performance
  • Minimized Expansion and Contraction – Due to exclusive Fibertech(TM) flax additives
  • Long Lasting Color – By Colorfast Solutions(TM) from Americhem, one of the industry’s leading color experts
  • Scratch Resistance – Strong, dense surface helps prevent grain loss or scratching, even in high-traffic areas
  • Stain Protection – Surface resists tough stains and allows for easy soap and water cleanup
  • Mold Resistance – Vinyl formulation does not harbor mold
  • Easy Installation – No pre-drilling necessary; permits countersinking with no splitting or surface distortion
  • Lightweight – 30-40% lighter than the average alternative decking
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – One of the strongest in the industry
  • Custom Fastening – Color match screws and exclusive Tiger Claw Hidden Fasteners are available
  • Insect and Termite Protection – Unique formulation doesn’t attract insects or termites
  • Environmentally-Friendly – No harmful chemicals

Spray Deck Protection

PSI is the ideal way to maximize protection for your outdoor deck. PSI is the same material used in pickup truck beds and will preserve and protect your deck for years to come.

Do you have an existing deck or surface that needs a face-lift, waterproofing, or scuff protection? Do you want the ultimate protection for your new deck?

PSI (Perma-Sealant Inc.) is the maximum strength, tough, worry-free protection that you are looking for!

PSI holds up better against rips and tears that may be caused by sharp edges and also resists common chemicals including fuels, fertilizers, chlorine bleach and corrosive materials.

Maximum strength also means maximum protection from the sun, preventing color loss and problems other liner products experience after as little as 3 months of exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

If you’re considering other liner systems, also ask those dealers for their published tensile, tear, and abrasion resistance test results. If they do make this available, you’ll quickly see that there’s really no comparison. Our test results speak for themselves.

PSI is the tested winner, hands down! Contact us today to learn more about PSI and how you can put it to work with your existing or new decking installation.

Under Deck & Dry Space

We offer two new ways to make your deck more than just a deck. TimberTech DrySpace and Under Deck has combined beauty with function to turn the underside of your deck into a place of shade and comfort. These two new products are durable and attractive. They fit almost any new or existing deck and are affordable.

We also offer the standard EDPM Rubber Inlay with soffit sheeting or wood T&G to enhance the dry space look under your deck for years to come. Contact us today to find out how we can transform your deck into an enjoyable area of comfort and value.

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